“We hand select our clients and custom tailor our services to meet their needs.”


Justin Moore, Owner – Mountain Home Keepers, Steamboat Springs, CO

If you’re a homeowner in Steamboat Springs, CO, then you know that owning a home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains can be an arduous affair.

The constantly changing weather will wreak havoc on your roof, windows, sidings and decks.

Every spring and fall the ground undergoes multiple freeze/thaw cycles which can cause water pipes to break and can ruin the asphalt on your driveway.

Heavy winds knock down trees and electrical lines and pile up snow drifts eight feet deep on your front porch.

If your residence is a second home or vacation property, you also have to contend with critters who would love nothing more than to move in while you’re away.

And its been shown that unattended homes are statistically far more likely to be targets for petty crimes like vandalism, or worse theft.

At Mountain Home Keepers, we personally manage your property to ensure that it is kept safe and in better shape when you return than when you last left it.

“So many problems are prevented from being a big, BIG problem if they’re addressed acutely as soon as they come up. A perfect example was right after we got the alarm system installed, I got a call that the fire alarm had gone off. Justin was out there immediately. I was 1,500 miles away What could I have done about that if it was a real fire? It would have been an utter nightmare. I wouldn’t have been able to address that. And if something else happens, granted there are emergency services, but it makes such a difference to know that there is someone there keeping an eye on things. Making sure the radiant heat is working, that the pipes don’t freeze, that there is no flooding… There’s so many little things that could happen. Say a window breaks and a bird gets in there, or something, so many little things that could happen if you’re not there 24/7, or on a regular basis. Little problems can be big, big problems.”Holly (New Client)

A different approach to property management

Hi, I’m Justin Moore, owner of Mountain Home Keepers. For fifteen years I’ve been working with clients just like you who own property in Steamboat Springs.

In all that time I’ve found that no two clients are alike.

Some of my clients live just down the hill in Denver, and come up to Steamboat Springs each weekend. They tend to manage most of their home maintenance themselves, and just want the peace of mind knowing I’m here to handle any emergency.

I have other clients who live out of state and only make it to Steamboat a few times each year. When they arrive they want the red carpet treatment and love knowing that their home will be ready to greet them.

“Justin is particularly excellent at communication. He always kept me apprised of issues that were going on. He is also very skilled at maintaining and running a ranch like that. If I had to describe Justin, I would say he is a good, hard-working, trustworthy, honest, local guy that understands business and responsibility.”Terry (Previous Owner - Moon Shadow Ranch)

The number one complaint I hear from clients who’ve worked with some of the bigger property management firms in the past is that they don’t get enough personal attention. They’re treated as a number, and their home is just an address.

That’s why I tailor my services to meet your specific needs, and I hand select my clientele based on some requirements of my own.

For instance, I only work with clients who use their property exclusively for themselves, or for their friends and family. I don’t work with vacation rental properties.

This policy allows me to dedicate 100% of my time to making sure your home is well maintained and looked after, and not towards worrying about filling vacancies.

As a fifth generation Coloradan, and a native of Steamboat Springs, I can honestly say I know this area better than most.

I know what the climate here can do to a home, and how to apply the proper preventative maintenance to keep your property in excellent working condition.

I also know what bored high school students do for fun in small resort towns like Steamboat. Especially if they think a house is vacant :).

Helping you maintain your beautiful mountain home while you’re away, and keeping you focused on your vacation while you’re here, is my #1 goal at Mountain Home Keepers.

My clients trust me to keep their home safe – and that is a responsibility I take very seriously.

So if you’re looking for someone you can trust, who lives in and knows Steamboat, then I’d love to hear from you!


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